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    1. Talent concept

             With people-oriented, emphasis on training, meritocracy and making the best use of talents, lushen science and technology focuses on the research direction of science and technology and intelligence, integrates modern high-tech technology on the basis of zigong traditional art lantern culture, and creates special products. The company has clear tasks and goals, and resolutely develops toward the direction of innovation and technology. Therefore, the company will take talents as its foundation for a long time, and only with a strong professional talent team can the work be smoothly promoted and completed. "Never too old to learn" employees in the company should actively learn, constantly supplement their knowledge and skills, The Times is developing, knowledge is also in innovation, to adapt to the development of society, in the fierce social competition in an invincible position. As long as you have the talent and technology, we will open the door to your career and provide you with a stage to fully show yourself. The company will arrange employees to go to relevant institutions for training and learning from time to time every year to improve their professional knowledge and skills and build a strong professional team.